Extra Virgin Olive Oil Henri Mor

Our award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil Private Reserve, is a limited edition only for some clients like you.

Our product won:

  • •The 2017 Gold Medal at NY International Best Olives Oil Competition
  • •Gold Medal at the Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition Terraolivo 2017
  • • Silver Medal at the IV Concurso Iberico de AOVE Premios Mezquita – Cordoba- Spain
  • •Gourmet Medal at the Paris AVPA 2017.
  • •Mention Expoliva 2017 quality of extra virgin olive oil limited production from the international fair of olive oil and allied industries. Harvest 2016-2017.

Our Mission has been the same for over 200 years. To produce the best that our land can give. Cultivating pure olives for our extra virgin oil, respecting the earth so it can give us it’s best! we only produced 4000 bottles for this 2017season.