Tasting Event January 2018

David Fanulani

“As Italian The Reggianito Cheese was really good, it’s one of my favorites.”

On January 10, 2018, we decided to invite our community to an amazing tasting event where everyone will enjoy our traditional products like Reggianito Cheese, Danbo Cheese, and will give their opinion in our new line of jams, Vinagers, Hot sauce, Soy sauce, and Worcestershire sauce.

“I really liked the cheeses, the Reggianito and the Quesillo, the Jams I am fan of the raspberry.”

Christopher Williams

You decide what products bring to your table.

In this Event, all participants decided the new line of products that Taurus Food will bring to the market this year. The new flavors of sauces, Jams, and other surprises coming soon.

To our Guests

We can’t express our gratitude for your amazing help and will try to do our best the fulfill your exquisite paladar.

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