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Port Salut Cheese

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Party Combo Combo

Party Combo

Contains Port Salut Cheese plus

  • Reggiganto Cheese - Deli Cheese (1)
  • Danbo Cheese - Deli Cheese (1)
  • Hard Cheese (1)
  • Provoleta Cheese (1)
  • Cuartirolo Cheese (1)
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Port Salut Cheese can be incorporated into breakfast or a snack, and even in a snack. Generally, for these cases the spreadable version is chosen, either the standard or the diet. It can also be chosen as an ingredient in dishes for lunch or dinner. Because it is a soft and versatile cheese, it can be accompanied with practically any drink that is consistent with the dish as a whole.

Premium Quality Process Verified Gluten-Free Gluten-Free


Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, lactic ferments, coagulating enzymes, calcium chloride, sodium chloride and milk derivatives.
Calories: 100
Serving Size: 30 g
Delivery Co.: UPS
Weight: 16 oz

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